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No Score & 1 Score
620 minimum score for manual underwriting
640 minimum score for GUS
Escrow holdback available for repairs (follow USDA guidelines)
Refinance USDA to USDA


 NO SCORE & 1 score
620 minimum score
Manual underwriting available
Streamlines accepted
$100 HUD REO
Max DTI 55% with Approve/Eligible
Escrow Holdback available up to $5000 - see matrix
Manufactured & Modular Homes
Grants & DPA allowed
1 Score FHA Loan available
Follow FHA Guidelines
DO or LP accepted
High Balance loans available


No Score & 1 Score
620 minimum credit score
Manual underwriting available
IRRRL's available - No Appraisal or AVM required
Max DTI 50% with Approve/Eligible
Escrow holdback available up to $5000 - see matrix
Manufactured & Modular homes
VA Approval with Flanagan State Bank required
LP or DU accepted
Follow VA guidelines
High balance loans available


DU Refi Plus & LP Open Access
640 minimum score
subordinate financing allowed
follow agency guidelines
1-4 Unit (O/O & N/O/O)
Cash Out
Escrow waiver allowed 80% LTV or less
Max 97% LTV
Single Financed MI & Split Premium MI
Manufactured & Modular Homes - LTV to 95% with 20 year term, 90% with 30 year term
Mortgage Insurance companies: United Guaranty, MGIC, Genworth
Florida condos - Now available up to 97% - see matrix for any restrictions!